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About the VP system


Welcome to the Virtual Placement project site

Welcome to the Virtual Placement project site, the home of all public Virtual Placement resources. Here you will find information about how to install your own compy of the Virtual Placement Software, what case studies are currently available and a list of institutions and organisations that currently use the Virtual Placement in their course content.

What is a Virtual Placement?

The E-MapScholar Virtual Placements provide real-life problems that can be addressed using geo-information. To solve these problems learners work in the context of a simulated virtual organisation. They use online resources, geo-information handling software and data provided via a web site. They develop work related skills such as data handling, problem solving, time management and effective communication and presentation of information.

Where can I find more information?

More information can be found at EDINA, where the Virtual Placement was originally written. The Virtual Placement project page would be the best place to start, where you can find information about the main case study "Nant Carfan".